International Freight Forwarder

Malaysia economy has changed from a protected low income supplier of raw materials to a middle income developing multi-sector advertise economy that has driven by manufactured exports, especially electronics and semiconductors, which constitute around 90% of exports. Hence, under such a solid financial development, it has driven Ocean Reef a notion to take up a challenge to expand their service from as a sending operator into related field such as trucking and packing service. Ocean Reef Sdn Bhd was built up with the vision to develop to become a logistic and shipping company in Port Klang and KLIA that providing a comprehensive list of forwarding services.


As a known Freight Forwarder Malaysia, Ocean reef offers the air freight, sea freight, trucking and warehouse service to fulfill the needs of the customer all over the world. The first capacity if the freight is to mastermind carriage by contracting with various carriers. Freight forwarder duties included advice on documentation and customs requirements in the country of destination. Ocean Reef has built its reputation globally on delivering top tier air freight solutions. They also offer an extensive domestic and cross-borders coverage services through their fleet of lorries and haulage partnership. Ocean reef leverages its many years of international logistic experience, global presence and long term partnership to provide your company with customized freight forwarding solutions to meet your exact needs in terms of time in transit, cost and security.


Ocean Reef is one of the logistic company in Malaysia and has years of industry experience to serve the forwarding needs of individuals and business. They ensure that their customers ready to transport their merchandise by the administration easily. Ocean Reef trained agents able to cater all of their customer’s requirements. Their team is well trained, dedicated and focused with expertise in managing all types of legal cargo transportation while tailoring with the competitive solutions to meet diverse needs of individual and businesses to become one of the best forwarding agents in Malaysia.

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